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Traditional business wisdom says that in order to grow your business, you have to scale …

… more people, more payroll, more office space, more overhead, etc. …

Yet by following this path, you risk spending your time and energy as a manager of overhead facing eminent burnout instead of enjoying your craft.

If only there was another path …

Make your business work for youGrow your Business while Staying Small

Growing Your Business Should Not Be This Hard ...More than 50% of businesses do not survive past 5 years

As a fellow small business owner, we understand the challenges you face in your business.

We know that growing a business without following the traditional model of scaling can be difficult, but we believe it’s possible with the right strategies and support.

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How Do You Define Success?The "experts" tell you that in order to be "successful," you must "scale" your business

Meet Mason, a single-person business owner who has been running his business for several years. Mason has built a successful business but wants to take it to the next level.

He has been told that the next level for a “successful” business means building a team, adding additional products and services, and reaching even more customers.

Mason knows that as a single-person business, he has limited time, resources, and expertise to devote to the business.

Today, he feels overwhelmed and unsure of how to take his business to the next level, but the idea of hiring staff and dealing the overhead that comes with it is enough to make him give up.

What Mason does not realize is that many successful business owners have decided they don’t want to follow conventional wisdom. They have decided to “grow small.”

Growing small means focusing on systems, efficiencies, and automation to better leverage your resources while expressly avoiding overhead like salaries, office space, etc.

By leveraging a proven model for growth, you can escape “death by management” and build a business that works for you.

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