As a small entrepreneurial business owner, you will never get the life you want and reach the goals you want for your business without systematizing your business.

Starting a business these days is pretty trivial.  Assuming you have a product or service that is valuable and you can build an audience, you can easily end up running into a ceiling on your potential growth.

This is the point that traditional business wisdom says you need to hire people which sounds great until you realize that hiring people requires managing those people, worrying about paying those people, and a lot of tasks that take you away from your passion.

The idea of is just the opposite – grow your business, while remaining a business of one.

A Creator from the Beginning ...

I started building at an early age – whether it was massive Lego creations or customer software applications – and I have not stopped.  After spending a number of years inside corporate america, never really finding my niche and burned out, I made my exit and started my own consulting practice in the technology space.

Many of the businesses that I worked with over the years suffered through similar foundational issues – in most cases succeeding despite themselves.  Typically, I was connected because they were looking to solve their issues through technology.

What they failed to realize was that technology has its place and can greatly impact productivity, but it does not solve underlying business issues.  This is where the transition from being solely focused on technology to guiding these businesses in implement systems and processes, further boosted with technology came about.

As I was working with these businesses to scale their business – building more and more systems around personnel issues, I realized that was not the path I wanted to take.  I had no desire to grow a “big” business in the traditional sense.

Possible Topics for Discussion:

Balancing Growth and Personal Freedom

  • Implementing Efficient Systems
  • Prioritizing High-Impact Activities
  • Setting Boundaries and Managing Time

The Power of Staying Small

  • Enhanced Agility and Flexibility
  • Deepening Client Relationships
  • Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Creating an Autonomous Business

  • Leveraging Automation Tools
  • Applying EOS Principles for Self-Sustaining Operations
  • Designing a Queen Bee Role (QBR)

Sustainable Growth Strategies

  • Embracing a Lean Business Model
  • Prioritizing Customer Retention and Satisfaction
  • Balancing Growth with Core Values

These are just a few ideas.  I would much rather have an interactive discussion on subjects that will benefit your audience than giving a canned presentation.

Any Questions?

Want to explore what this might look like?

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